We are DBO communication. We create values and commit
excellence for clients’ needs and special requirements. With
the mission of interactive communication, effective advertising,
and great impact in the market, we put together our experience
and inspiration into the cauldron of creativity. Our philosophy is
high efficiency, big influence, heavy media exposure, and most
important, to be interactive.

DBO communication was established in March 2013, our
founders are the executives who used to work for the
international 4A companies, with the in-depth communication
work experiences. We dedicate to the reliable, insightful,
high-quality communication, and consultation services for our
We understand the cutting-edge trends of IT and mobile Internet industry.
We are familiar with the game rules of fast-moving consumer markets. We also
extend our services in education, digital, telematics, human resources,
finance, automobile, banking industry, etc. We are the experts with over
20 years of branding and cooperate communication experiences, we
also are the new generation with full of passion and energetic spirits
in digital media and communication.

We pave ways for new brand getting into the mainstream business; we
inspire ideas with urgent need for the business who are looking for transformation
and innovation; we are good at grasping the elite thoughts; we help our clients to
drive innovation and develop a powerful leadership position to be outstanding among the excessive market.
Based on the long-term research and study of multiple vertical
industries, DBO provides professional strategic advices for
branding and promotion, including but not limited to: brand
positioning, values extracting, visual presentation and so on.
No matter our client is the new comer, or sophisticated in the market,
our unique insights and views can help you to stand out and to be
different among the fierce competitions.
DBO is skilled in generating views and stories, spotting values and
shaping enterpreneurs’ images based on their careers and characters with
the combination of the industry hot news and company’s long-term interests.
In the era of “we-media”, everybody could be the focal point
of the net. As the audience, also the media , we are becoming
more and more picky of what we read.
For us, Public Relations are not simple writing press release
or contacting the media. We produce original and in-depth
articles, we develop new form of relaxed news and stories. We
transmit the messages that could penetrate and reach directly
to the target audience.

We offer our clients releases available for any print media or
social network, we committed ourselves for the best service
include but not limited to:
The top-ranking articles, tailor made messages for print media
publishing and social media posting.
Songs popular in KTV
Carefully designed H5 interactive games
Viral video full of fun
A book, an App or even an interactive and well-designed game
Or more...
Father's Day video
2018 Chine "Internet Plus" &
Digital Economy Summit
Daimler Startup Autobahn
China"EXPO Day"
annual summary roadshow
Our philosophy: New Content Marketing, new platform, new action
New Content | Storytelling Visualization
We are not only produce high quality articles with sharp
insights, but also we like to stay together with clients for
inspiration and story telling to develop news and stories that
are highly accepted in the era of fragmentized mobile reading.
We effectively deliver brand message to target audience.
What’s more, staffed by a professional team, DBO has the
ability to customize more influential visualized contents, which
means to root brands and products carried by comics and
novels in new generations of consumers born in post-90s and
New contents | Subculture, Community of Interest, Pan-entertainment
As some brands are investing heavily into social media where user’s
activities have already reached peak to exchange for attention, DBO has
established influential positions in lands of opportunity such as anime
platforms, net novel websites and live broadcast Apps that are
neglected by communication industry. Based on client’s interest, small
investment into those emerging platforms bringing great results, DBO is willing
to share resources and experience with any ambitious and far-sighted clients.
New Practices | Polyphonic Communication
Traditional communication like news release—media
connection, contents publishing—in-depth contents release—
relevant topics extracting or extension, however, we believe
that this “theme+harmony” method of reaching audiences
isn’t enough.

What we advocate is, like polyphonic music, allocating
resources in many fields to focus on one key topic and
producing relevant yet different contents, so that they can
complement each other and form a content matrix, like final
harmony during the whole circle to contribute to a hybrid
"Classic" doesn’t mean "Conservative". We advocate creativity and appreciate preciseness.
From the style of new brand definition to remodeling of the CSR concept, from the in-depth
interview of exclusive media to hundreds of media events, from the publishing of press
releases to the internal emails of leaders, from annual spreading plans to the weekly reports,
we check each document, every detail, and even a punctuation. With the grateful heart to
respond to our client, media and audience's expectations, maybe it is not
the unique of DBO, but it’s our most cherished and beloved thing.

We help client to gain remarkable communication spreading effects
but using less budget.
We equip a hybrid engine for branding in this mixed age.
We merge and spread ideas both online and offline appearing.

From the first to the seventh generation Microsoft Xiaoice conferences, 2018 China "Internet +"
digital economy summit, Benz Daimler innovation accelerator Startup Autobahn China 2018
EXPO Day annual summary roadshows and a series of large conferences, all of these were planned
and provided supports by only DBO.
Classic continues and innovation comes...
Ling Technology "ensouling"
Production Conference
"Altemative Worlds"Solo
Exhibition of Microsoft AI Xiaoce
"Altemative Worlds"Solo
Exhibition of Microsoft AI Xiaoce
Annual Press Conferences
of Microsoft AI Xiaoce
Annual Press Conferences
of Microsoft AI Xiaoce
Annual Press Conferences
of Microsoft AI Xiaoce
Annual Press Conferences
of Microsoft AI Xiaoce

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